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Made by Jackson Dean for the GMKT Game Jam 2020

Parasite is a fast-paced roguelike in which you play as a parasite rushing to escape your underground prison. Take control of hosts, jumping from victim to victim as they try to stop your escape. Once in control, shoot-em-up until you find the next host. But be careful... if you run out of control, it's game over.

Everything costs control, a limited resource for your parasitic species. That means every time you make a host move or shoot, you're a bit closer to losing. Can you make it all the way out of the dungeon?

The theme for the GMTK Game Jam 2020 was  Out of Control. In this game, every action you take brings you closer to losing control, until you end up completely powerless.

I recommend downloading the Windows version if you can! It has juicy post-processing...

All of the code was written by me. I also made most of the sound FX and some of the graphics. Other credit goes to:

Mack - Gun sprites (link)
Natan Costa - Floor Tilemaps (link)
www.Kenney.nl - Character sprites (link)
Tim Krief  @timkrief - Keyboard and Mouse Sprites  (link)
0x72 - Wall and detail tiles (link)
Boxcat Games - Music (link)

If you have problems downloading, there's a version on my website here, but it was finished AFTER the game jam ended. The game jam submission is ONLY the Windows version.


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Nice Game with fun and fast Gameplay.

Only problem I had was with the camera sometimes not showing you whats ahead.

The whole game is also nice to look at and well made for a Jam game

Thanks for your feedback! I'll definitely add more look ahead to the camera if I keep working on this.